What Time Creates

by May 29, 2021Photography

Anastasia Pottinger:

Anastasia was approached by a 101 year old lady, this lady wanted to be photographed in the nude. The only condition was that she couldn’t be identified from the images and this was the germination for a photographic series and book. 

The black and white photography is a beautiful and sensitive recording of the human body as we age. Understandably obtaining models for the series was a challenge, most of the models are introduced to Anastasia through family friends or acquaintances.

“The response to the images has been remarkable” says Pottinger. “Viewers are visibly moved by what they are looking at. Whether it’s wondering, ‘is this what I’m going to look like?’ or remembering a loved one.”

Anastasia’s book is available through Amazon

More information is available on Anastasia’s Facebook Page.

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