30 Years Later

by Nov 7, 2021Photography

Andre Joosse

At 1:23am on 26th April 1986, the number 4 reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine began an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction after a scheduled test program malfunction.

Pripyat was completely evacuated within two days. People left behind personal possessions and items too difficult to be removed quickly. In his book 30 Years Later, Andre Joosse has visited the city of Pripyat and recorded the effect of 30 years of decay.

Andre spent 7 days, exploring the area after gaining permission from the government, he used only a single lens and camera body as it’s not possible to put a camera bag down on the ground or change lenses.

Here are a small selection of images from Andre’s book, please visit links below for more information.

Andre’s Website

Andre’s Instagram

30 Years Later Book

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