Thank you for stopping by. Bright Nation was created to celebrate creative people and connect them with customers, simple as that. So if you’re a creative person please get in touch and if you’re a customer then please support these artists and craftspeople. If you want a chat our door is always open.

Ian Allred (Artist)

“Paying too much attention to the big things will never make you happy.”

Phamie Macdonald (Illustrator/ Writer)

“This project brings me so much joy – mainly because I’m creating it with and for my inner five-year-old self”.

Ben Bishop (Artist)

“One of my infants’ school teachers found that threatening me with no drawing worked very well”

Colin Redwood (Artist)

“I’ve had people struggling to understand my work and the concepts behind that work, but it’s good in a way, it pushes them out of their comfort zone”

Carmen Hardy (Artist)

“I’m still evolving as an artist, I am quite shy and it’s been difficult to gain the courage to show my artwork”.

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