Sinuous Stitch

by Jun 15, 2021Textiles

Rachel Wright:

Highly detailed work, stirring the emotions, beautiful light cascading down a rocky cliff side, surely the work of oil, pastel or graphic but not in this case. Rachel’s stunning landscapes are the product of thread and talent, looking at her images it’s hard to believe that strong emotions can be born of cotton and colour but that is the whole point of the work. “I want my work to be seen as art” Rachel says. “Just because it is stitched, that shouldn’t lessen its value. We need to challenge the old fashioned perception of embroidery as a lowly woman’s craft.

The work is sketched directly onto the base fabric, which is generally cotton calico, Working without a stabiliser or hoop, Rachel collects a palette of fabrics which offer the colours, markings and textures that she needs. These are then placed onto the calico and held in place with pins. Using her trusty 80’s Bernina sewing machine, Rachel sews the fabrics into place and finesses the details with soft sheen threads to add details and highlights.

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