Tie A Knot In It.

by Oct 2, 2022Sculpture

British artist Alex Chinneck creates mind bending optical illusions

Knots have become Alex Chinnecks signature style, he first started experimenting with tying knots in mundane objects back in 2018. The first knot installation was the hand carved broom seen below, this has now evolved into the “Knotted Series.” The projects are always ambitious in both scale and impact, he is known for providing the viewer with a pattern interrupt by giving an everyday object a surreal and theatrical twist. Alex admits that that he has an overwhelming desire to create spectacular visual pieces that use the simple pleasures of humour, illusion and theatre to entertain the onlooker.

Sometimes its difficult to figure out the motivation behind such energy and attention to detail but surely one of the main driving factors is the need to break the forth wall or give the viewer the ability to escape the mundane.

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