Naughty Paintings

by Aug 28, 2022Art, Textiles

Lisa House.

“Naughty paintings” while the title may suggest images of naked bodies twisted into seductive type poses, the truth is that when certain paintings that Lisa is working on, don’t effortlessly flow into life, the paintings get turned to face the wall, a metaphorical telling off. This practice enables Lisa to reset her thought process and return back to the painting when the creative solution is found.

Lisa has made a name for herself, not only by creating stunning works of art but for providing a topographic, almost tactile finish to her paintings. Very often the painted surfaces are layered with wax, organic materials and fabrics.

Lisa cites her main inspirations as serene landscapes in peaceful locations, colour, texture and more recently meditation.

“At the moment, I am experiencing some wonderful images through the practice of meditation. This is a fascinating experience for me which is gradually inspiring new paintings. Images I wouldn’t consciously paint, such as peacocks, owls, angels, deer, eagles etc”

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