Sweet Imitation

by Sep 22, 2022Textiles

These deserts may look appetising but you wouldn’t want to eat one, this is amazing embroidery.

Heather Rios creates incredible embroidery, so good you might want to eat it. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed will have you drooling. Heather uses mixed media embroidery that makes you feel as if you are standing in front of a bakery counter.

Many of these embroidery artworks are made to order and available through her Etsy shop, Heather uses punch needle embroidery along with acrylic paint and sculpey clay to create her amazing visual treats. Sometimes when Heather wants to make her creations even more life like she will use craft foam as a base which makes the embroidery three dimensional. Sometimes the creations are displayed on real plates and placed behind glass to really fool the viewer.

Her artistry has received a lot of attention, with viewers commenting how amazed they were, with many still not believing her creations are needle work. What do you think?

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