Thread Of Memory.

by May 2, 2021Textiles

Cécile Davidovici: Thread Paintings

Cécile Davidovici started her career as a writer/film maker, but after many years found an art form that was more immediate and relatable, textiles.

Cecile describes her thread paintings as a process of remembering. The Paris based artist takes some of her inspiration from home videos taken by her parents. “When my mother died, I started watching VHS tapes from my childhood,”  when asked about her medium Cecile replies “I use cotton and linen, it evokes the same warmth I feel when I think of my childhood.

Her most recent work, Portraits of a Constant Dream, is a series of female portraits, entirely embroidered by hand. These women stare at us but they are actually looking within themselves, revealing their doubts.

Davidovici layers threads like a painter would, re-interpreting the face, giving a new dimension and the chance of a new story. Some of the works can take up to five weeks to produce.

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