Gingerbread Sculptures

by Oct 4, 2022Sculpture

Caroline Eriksson Creates Incredible Gingerbread Sculptures.

Anyone that’s tried to build a gingerbread house will let you know it takes a great deal of time to perfect the structure and prevent it from caving in. Caroline Eriksson has taken this art form to a whole new level, she builds movie inspired gingerbread sculptures.

Caroline begins by making a detailed drawing that is then used as reference throughout the build process, using a large amount of flour and sugar she bakes the gingerbread in her own oven, making sure the texture and appearance will fit the final piece, it also must be capable of bearing its own weight. Sometimes a wire frame is used if the sculpture is particularly large, all the pieces are then held together with melted sugar, each gingerbread sculpture takes about five weeks to complete.

Caroline has been building gingerbread houses since she was a child. In 2013 she won a gingerbread building competition with a large scale Optimus Prime (a robot from the Transformers Movie), the images went viral in magazines and online, it then became very clear that there was a future in her fascination with gingerbread structures.

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