Hauntingly Beautiful

by May 12, 2021Photography

Nicolas Bruno

Sleep paralysis is a very real condition, trapped somewhere between sleep and consciousness, a person can experience vivid and terrifying dreams! Unable to move or speak, often combined with other difficulties like struggling to breathe, the individual has no choice but to wait for the episode to be over.

Photographer Nicolas Bruno has battled this disorder throughout his life, deciding to place a positive spin on his condition, Nicolas has incorporated the hallucinations into his work. To help make sense of these episodes he keeps a journal and then turns this imagery into art and photographic imagery. Almost as a form of therapy, once the images are captured, there is a sense of relief, a satisfaction in being able to visually illustrate what would be impossible with words.

For materials he often checks lumberyard dumpsters, the costumes are normally modified clothes from thrift shops. Nicolas appears in the images as both protagonist and antagonist. For the times when he needs more characters, he uses friends, something he describes as very important.

For more information please visit: https://www.nicolasbrunophotography.com/

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