Leather Pixel

by May 4, 2021Artisan

Takis Psarros

Takis Psarros is no ordinary leather artisan. Based in the harbour on the island of Symi, Greece, his shop sells the usual leather goods for the casual tourist, but there is another place, a magical place were Takis creates the most fantastical artworks.

Looking like a cut out from an old masters painting, Takis uses a soldering iron and burns dots into the leather. He creates different tones by burning the surface, deeply for shadows and lightly for highlights.

Some of the artworks are many meters in size and take months to complete. The idea is similar to pixels within a digital screen, each leather pixel is burnt dot by dot into the hide but mistakes cannot be undone, so absolute precision and dedication are needed.

For more information, please visit: https://takisleatherfashion.com

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