by May 27, 2021Photography

Matt Emmett

Looking like something from an alien landscape, Matt assures me that these scenes are from earth bound locations. Matt is an urban explorer, and urban explorers gain great pleasure from pushing boundaries, sometimes quite literally. He is always searching for “Keep Out” notices that cling to the fences, for Matt this is the first sign that something interesting lies beyond.

You can’t help but feel the ghosts of the people that have occupied these spaces, once thriving, pulsating places they now lie dormant, nature slowly clawing back her space. The scenes you see here are just a small selection from Matt’s vast library of images, captured from all over Europe. Sites such as vast power stations and their cooling towers, steel works, mines, bunkers, tunnels, schools, engine sheds, hotels, castles and a host of other buildings.

Matt is insistent that his photography his a positive exercise, he doesn’t feel a parallel with broken town photographers that document unfolding human tragedy. He is purely interested in capturing the aesthetics and history of a location, revealing the passage of time and its effect on man made objects.

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