Nick Quirke

“My biggest obstacle is time”

Contempary Artist

September 2021

How did you find your creative streak

I have always had a creative streak inside me. From as young as I can remember I was drawing/painitng or just making something.

What has been your biggest obstacle

My biggest obstacle is Time! Space and in general a workable space. With a young family this can be challenging.

“I sometimes get comments from people that some of the colours I use aren’t present in skies!”

What have been your main influences.

Growing up I was obsessed with Rembrandt and Dali’s works. I was especially drawn to their use of light. David Stoker my Art teacher whilst studying was also a big influencer.

Your style is very unique, how did you find this style and what (if any) criticism have you had to over come?

Criticism has been far and few. I sometimes get comments from people that some of the colours I use aren’t present in skies! My response to this is always the same, ‘what colour is your sky’? The sky can be a mixture of blues and greys or oranges/red/yellows or whites/teals or all of these colours in the form of a rainbow! So its a very complex question and statement

A very difficult question I know, but why do the effects of light inspire you so much?

I have always been fascinated by colour and light. As a past athlete and a current Head coach in a sport that enables me to be outside 90% of the time on the water Rowing I get to see every type of light and dark combinations on a weekly basis. I then go home and paint this. Its difficult to pinpoint what it is about light that inspires me. I think due to the every chaining light in the sky and reflections on the water, its never the same! So on any given day or few seconds the light can change in an instinct. What I try to create in my work is a huge amount of different light or dark areas that keep the viewer looking deeper into the painting. “This might be one of the situations in my work where Dali influenced me’ have you ever looked at a painting and only to return to the same painting and see something you haven’t noticed before!

Could you explain impasto?

Impasto in my work is hugely important. The use of a thicker application of paint over thin layers or thick over glazed areas or vice versa can create so many different effects. A problem can come with how many types of mediums are available now! So I have basically spent a lot of time and money experimenting with how these medium create different textures. Its also important in my work to know when to use an impasto effect and when a thinner layer could be better for a particular effect I’m trying to create.

Do you have any other interests away from art?

When I’m not working or painting i’m a keen cyclist and sport fanatic. But with a young family my spare time is very limited!

What was the last thing that moved you deeply.

I was asked by a close friend who lost his wife to cancer leaving behind a very young family to paint a scene. This was one of the most challenging paintings I’ve had to do. Please see the link to the video I was also asked to make so the children could understand a little more about what the painting means to them when they grow up a little more. If you watch the video you will Get a greater understanding.

Could you tell us about Candyscape?

Candyscape is simply what I call my use of impasto paint application and the colours I use with it. An example of this is a thick glossy rose colour against an opposite colour can create a visual texture of a candy sweet. I want the colours and thickness  of these colours to stick out from the canvas and give an impression that the viewer can lick and taste it. Candyscape tends to be very bright colours over a darker or paler background to enhance the brightness.

What is inspiring you at the moment.

Im always searching for new ways to create texture and subsequently how light is seen so watch this space.

Nick Quirke


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